/ The 17+1 Summit is postponed, as is the signing of the bilateral protocol on the import of saffron and saffron bulbs into China


The 17+1 Summit in Beijing scheduled for April 15-16 is postponed indefinitely due to the global spread of COVID-19. When a new date is set for the meeting, the Chinese side will inform its partners in a timely manner. This enables “Central and Eastern European countries to focus on tackling the epidemic,” the Beijing message said.

At the Summit, a protocol between Bulgaria and China for the import of saffron and saffron bulbs into China was intended to be signed. In May this year a delegation from China was expected to arrive in Bulgaria. It included representatives from the Hangzhou University, businessmen who had expressed a desire to buy saffron and saffron bulbs. The planned visit will also be delayed.

Given the complicated health situation and the quarantine measures imposed in the world, it is difficult to determine when our country will be able to sell saffron products in China, and the previously signed contracts will be terminated for reasons beyond the control of the parties.

APACCCEEC continues to work on attracting partners and opening up new markets for the production of the Bulgarian saffron producers.