Dr. Momchil Stanishev, Ph.D

Director of the Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation between China and the Central and Eastern European countries

Mr. Stanishev holds a Doctorate in Organizational Psychology, as well as a Master’s degree in International Relations with a specialization in International Organizations and Multilateral Diplomacy from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Organization of Labour at the University of National and World Economy. Dr. Stanishev also studied at the University of Porto, Portugal, where he specialized in Psychology and Management. In addition, he graduated the Strategic Management Course at Rakovski National Defence College. He upgrades his qualifications with training for executives from CEE at the Lech Kaczyński National School of Public Administration, Poland.

He has extensive professional experience in the field of international cooperation, work on foreign economic issues, realization of business opportunities in the country and promotion of the investment climate, acquired in the private and public sector, including also expertise in this field from working in non-governmental organizations.

Apart from this, he has also coordinated a number of international business forums and conferences on topics related to change management and leadership, sectoral cooperation, as well as start-ups development.

He is also the initiator of the first “Accelerator Program for start-ups in the field of agriculture between China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe”.

Dr. Stanishev has extensive experience in the implementation, management and coordination of research and practical projects under European programs. He is author of articles, publications and researches in the field of leadership, development of startups and organizational changes, both in the country and abroad.

Kalina Koeva

Expert at at the Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation between China and the Central and Eastern European Countries

Kalina Koeva has a Master’s Degree in Media from Nanjing University of the Arts in Jiangsu Province. Before leaving to study in China, she acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in English Philology at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

While living in China, Kalina participated in a variety of intercultural and educational activities, both on university and provincial level, including: appearing in a promotional video for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Opening, participating in intercultural events within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative in support of the local community, visiting the jointly established by Moscow State University and Beijing Institute of Technology “Shenzhen MSU-BIT University”, alongside other distinguished foreign students from all over China, as part of the state-wide initiative to resume international exchange after the pandemic, etc.

When it comes to academic achievements, Kalina has received awards from the Foreign Affairs Office of the Nanjing People’s Government, as well as an Outstanding Short Video Award from the Nanjing University of the Arts. In regard to her Chinese language studies, Kalina holds Honorary Credential certificates from Nanjing University of the Arts awarded for her excellent performance.

Venislav Emilov

Expert at the Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation between China and the Central and Eastern European Countries

Venislav Emilov is 25 years old with a bachelor’s degree in ,,International Relations’’, graduated from the University of National and World Economy. Currently upgrading with a master’s degree in “National Security”.

The interests of Venislav Emilov are related to international processes in the field of politics and economics. Other interests are social networks, Venislav has completed training courses and internships on “Social networks in the public sector”, “Digital transformation”, “Youth dialogue for participation in governance” and others.

He has extensive experience in organizing international conferences, delegations, international fairs, festivals, etc.

Venislav has experience in working with software and programs for graphic design.

He speaks English and Russian.