/ Samples of Greek agricultural products will be exhibited in China in 2020


In Athens on February 19 and 20, the team of the Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation between China and the Central and Eastern European countries met the representatives of the Consultative Board of APACCCEEC of the newest member of the 17+1 Initiative – Greece. The talks with Ioulia Drossinou – Head, Department for International Affairs, Directorate for Agricultural Policy, Documentation and International Affairs and Christos Zafeiridis – Civil Servant and Ministerial Advisor were held at the Ministry of Rural Development and Food of the Hellenic Republic.

On a tour of the main port of our southern neighbor – Piraeus, placed among the top ten in container traffic in Europe and mainly in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Bulgarian experts discussed their future work on the 17+1 Initiative. The meeting was attended by the Heads of  Imports at the Directorate-General for Veterinary Services Maria Gianniou and specialists from the Animal Health Directorate at the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. The main topic was the sanitary and phytosanitary control and the possibilities and functionality of Piraeus port for export from CEE to the PRC.

In 2020, sampling campaigns for agricultural and other products will be organized to showcase CEE production on the Chinese market, the participation of goods in various agricultural exhibitions in China and at the permanent exposure of the 17+1 Pavilion to the Liaison Office of APAC in Ningbo, PRC.

The aim is also to promote Greek goods, display them in the already existing pavilions and logistics centers and publish them on the www.16plus1cloud.org – the APAC’s platform for consolidation of agricultural and other producers from China and CEE Countries.