Corruption Reporting Mechanism

Signals of corruption and conflict of interest can be reported as follows:

  • To the address of APACCCEEC (Sofia 1527, 106 Vasil Levski Blvd.) to the Executive Director of APACCCEEC

Information required when reporting

The alerts submitted to the APACCCEEC shall be relevant only and solely to violations committed by the APACCCEEC employees.

The alerts must contain sufficient information to confirm the infringement data reported by the reporter. If necessary, additional data and information should be provided in accordance with the statutory procedure.

Anonymous alerts are not considered and forwarded by jurisdiction.

The requirements regarding the content of the alerts are laid down in Chapter Six, Art. 48. of the KPKONPI (Committee for Combating Corruption and the withdrawal of illegally acquired property).


Download / Internal Rules for Checking Signals of Corruption
Download / Internal Rules for the Protection of Submitters of Signals of Corruption