/ China-CEEC Products Fair in the context of Covid-19


The Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation between China and the CEE countries once again joined the traditional China-CEEC & International Consumer Goods Fair in Ningbo. The event took place from 8 to 12 June in online format. APACCCEEC presented companies and products from Central and Eastern Europe during the B2B matchmaking meetings, held with the kind assistance of the organizers of the exhibition. The Chinese distributors and buyers continue to be interested in the region’s traditional essential oils, dairy products, wines, as well as dried fruits, confectionery and snacks, beverages and fresh produce.

The online fair combined five main functions – online product display, online shopping, online mediation, online service and sales. The fair presented 18 stands, as products from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe were positioned on 17 of the exhibition areas and one for products from all over the world. Food and beverages, basic necessities and household items, alcohol, cosmetics and personal care products, intelligent technology and others were presented to the Chinese consumers. Comprehensive information about the companies and products through text, images, videos, live broadcasts and others, allowed the distributors to get acquainted with the offered goods. 542 exhibitors and 2516 buyers registered on the virtual exhibition platform and over 1643 items were exhibited online.

Cross-border e-commerce has made its way as a factor in global trade and has become a new driving force for the development of foreign trade, especially now, in the context of COVID-19.
As the only 17+1 Demonstration Zone for Economic and Trade Cooperation in China, Ningbo held four events during the virtual exhibition – an Online Consumer Goods Fair, series of bilateral business meetings for export goods, bilateral business meetings to promote e-commerce of export goods and for cross-border e-commerce related to foreign industries, supporting the expansion of the internal and external market of enterprises.

Program of the series of events of the virtual exhibition
• Online event entitled “Buy together”
On June 8, high-quality CEE products were sold on an electronic platform at a discount when purchased together. This online event, facilitated by the diplomatic missions of the CEE countries, presented the countries and their products via a live webcast. The event was attended by Dimitar Pampulov – Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Shanghai and Kostadin Dzhatev – Second Secretary, Head of the Commercial and Economic Section.

• Special live events for CEE products
From the 2020 Online China-CEEC Products Fair, typical CEE products were selected, promoted through live broadcasting platforms such as Tencent Watch, Youbo and others, in order to raise consumer awareness of CEE goods on the market.

• Presentations on “China-CEE Trade”

• Bilateral business events on “Food and beverages from CEE”

• Bilateral business events on ” Liquors from CEE”

• Bilateral business events on “Essential Products from CEE”