/ Future of Food

BioeconomyVentures is looking for EU bio-based SME/Startups/Spin-off that want to access BioeconomyVentures services (both support access to funding and business growth) by applying cutting-edge solutions within the Bioeconomy domains addressing specific challenges set up by Corporations under the following sectors:

  1. Future of Food
  2. Future of Chemicals ( Nov to Dec 2022)
  3. Future of Industrial Circularity ( Feb to Mar 2023 )

The project aims to grow an interconnected EU network in bio-based industry by igniting a strategic collaboration between innovators and corporations, to ease and facilitate access to investors and finance in favor of sustainable development.

Three Open Calls for innovators will be launched in total with the purpose of promoting BioeconomyVentures services and staggering the entry of innovators into the pipeline to be able to offer them personalized and individualized attention, analyze their needs and offer them the most appropriate services in each case.

BioeconomyVentures will carefully select 65+ promising EU innovators to accelerate their development and to overcome the hurdles they face in terms of access to finance, business skills and networking.

The selected innovators will be joining a 6-month dynamic programme, focusing on providing custom and unique learning and development pathways based on the needs assessment.  The programme accepts innovators from lab, pilot, demonstration, and commercial stages.

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