/ Head of the Office for Trade and Economic Affairs in Shanghai visited APACCCEEC


On July 20th, a meeting was held between representatives from the Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation between China and the Central and Eastern European Countries (APACCCEEC) with the newly appointed Head of the Office for Trade and Economic Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria in Shanghai, PRC, Mrs Ivet Nikolova.

In an open discussion, Dr. Momchil Stanishev, Director of the APACCCEEC, introduced Mrs. Nikolova with the activities of the Association and the upcoming initiatives, as he put an accent that for the successful promotion and positioning of the Association, her position if quite important, as well as for the exchange of relevant trade information, which will be published on the website of the APACCCEEC. He also emphasized the importance of the development of wine and cultural tourism, which would help the Bulgarian and regional wine producers to promote their products in China. The current trends on the Chinese market were also discussed, including the import needs of goods such as shelled sunflower, corn, pork and many others.

Mrs. Nikolova emphasized on some of the important priority areas on which she will focus her activities in China, including:

• Development of e-commerce opportunities between Bulgaria and China;

• Promotion of real-time trading platforms;

• Promotion of the activities of Bulgarian merchants on Chinese territory.

The two sides expressed their desire to work together in terms of the growth of online trade, promotion of the products of agricultural producers and the activities of the APACCCEEC.