/ APAC and “Edinstvo” Agricultural Cooperative signed a Memorandum for Cooperation


In the presence of journalists, the Executive Director of APACCCEEC Vasil Gelev and the Chairman of the Agricultural Cooperative “Edinstvo” from Kostievo village, Plovdiv region, Borislav Stefanov signed a Memorandum for Cooperation. The Association and the Cooperative will work on the development of the “Demonstration Zone of Agricultural Cooperation between China and the CEE Countries” – APAC’s project supported by the Heads of Government of Bulgaria and China.

The inclusion of the Cooperative in the Project for the development of the Demonstration Zone aims to provide local farmers with the opportunity to grow these types of crops that will increase their revenue per unit arable land and to sell agricultural produce at higher prices on international markets.

“By signing this agreement, we hope to stimulate producers in the region so that they can increase their revenues,” Vasil Gelev emphasized. The Association will help the Agricultural Cooperative to create and successfully manage the branding of its agricultural products to maximize the benefits of marketing, supply chain efficiency, labor organization and financial resources.
“We are ready to start the implementation of the important agreement with the Association”, Cooperative’s chairman Borislav Stefanov assured. He noted that members of the cooperative, cultivating more than 17,000 acres, hope the memorandum of cooperation will help them increase their production and income, including wheat, barley, sunflower, rapeseed, and more besides traditional crops. They will also think about growing hybrid rice and saffron for the Chinese market.