/ The possibility of linking the platforms of APAC and “Tianjin Wanshan Zhunhe Business Management Company Ltd.” was discussed


On July 24, 2018, the European Trade Center (ETC) in Tianjin, PRC was visited by a delegation of the Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation between China and the CEE Countries (APACCCEEC) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

ETC is a project built and run by “Tianjin Wanshan Zhunhe Business Management Company Ltd”, its purpose is to serve as a business and communication platform between Europe and China. The main reason of this goal is the shopping center – “Made in Europe” hyper mall. The hyper mall will be the first place in China, giving the customers the chance to enjoy European products. It is a commercial landmark that includes European culture, art and lifestyle. There are retail and wholesale sales at the European Trade Center, online business deals (O2O), and the ETC’s business is supported by the Free Trade Zone of Tianjin.

During the meetings with the Chinese partners, possible forms of cooperation between APACCCEEC, “Tianjin Wanshan Zhunhe Business Management Company Ltd” and the European Trade Center through the 16+1 Initiative were discussed. The aim is to promote the import and sale of agricultural, food and other products from Bulgaria and the CEE countries in China. The conversations were directed to the possible cooperation between the electronic platform for consolidation of agricultural and other producers from China and the CEE countries http://www.16plus1cloud.org, operated by APACCCEEC and the e-commerce platform of “Tianjin Wansan ZhunheBusiness Management Company Ltd” http://www.omalletc.com, their connection and mutual access to the database.