/ Young Entrepreneurs


The young people and students in Bulgaria are prepared and motivated to bring the country to the international trading arena in the field of agriculture. The Association of the Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries, whose team is also a youth specialist, focused on training seminars and courses for young entrepreneurs, providing the necessary regulatory basis for trade with China. The pavilions and logistics bases we have created strive to present, promote and distribute the production of the producers from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. This is done through e-commerce, marketing research, and the presentation of products to importers, distributors and retailers. The logistics base at the Agricultural University in Plovdiv is precisely such a modern, already traditional, way of trade relations.

At the „16+1 Demonstration Center for Е-commerce with Agricultural and other Products“ at the Agricultural University, several students are actively working in the field of e-commerce. The platform for consolidation of agricultural and other producers from CEE and China is available at www.16plus1cloud.org. There, every producer, farmer or trader can publish their produce, and if companies have their own e-shop, they can directly contact platform with Chinese partners and to conduct direct transactions. It is created immediate connectivity with the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) and now it’s possible to issue consolidated Health certificate. With the cooperation of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), it is possible to issue consolidated Certificate of origin for any quantity sent to China. The fact is also the so-called a green sample channel enabling the issue of phytosanitary documents. Assisted by the Bulgarian government, APACCCEEC is actively working to optimize and reduce administrative burdens.

The main goal is to create respect for the young people in Bulgaria and their relationship with the industry not only to trade but to create their own value-added products.

The young entrepreneurs developed a project to create their own product. The Association provided them with literature on entrepreneurship, management, e-commerce. They have been provided with designs for the most diverse packaging and boxes in China. They themselves decided what the product put in these boxes will be, how it’ll appear to the customers and has to be in accordance with all Chinese requirements, so that they can be ready to export their goods to the PRC.

Another project is the preparation of saffron bulbs. The bulbs were planted in the experimental fields of the Agricultural University (AU) of Plovdiv. In the university’s laboratories, equipped with modern and precise equipment, all those saffron products was examined.

These initiatives are an essential part of working with young people in the “Demonstration Zone of Agricultural Cooperation between China and the Central and Eastern European Countries – Republic of Bulgaria”.