/ The Fourth edition of the China International Import Expo was held in the beginning of November


The Fourth edition of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) was held in Shanghai between 5th and 10th of November.  This year’s CIIE was conducted in a hybrid form which included physical pavilions as well as virtual ones. Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government hosted the event.  The on-site Expo included six zones that were dedicated to agriculture and food products, automobiles, intelligent industry & information, consumer goods, medical equipment & healthcare products and trade in services.

About 3000 companies from 127 countries participated in the event and the generated contracts are estimated to worth $70.72 billion according to the organisers of the event (https://www.ciie.org/zbh/en/news/). Furthermore, 281 Fortune Global 500 companies took part in the Expo. The dedicated space for the on-site infrastructure was 366 000 sq. m. Additionally, the virtual pavilions enabled 58 countries to present their achievements, leading industries and touristic attractions. The webpages of the countries were viewed by more than 58 million consumers.

Greece, Poland, Serbia and Hungary were the only countries from Central and Eastern Europe that hosted their own on-site pavilions. Bulgarian goods such as rose-flavoured wine and juices were presented in the pavilion of the European Union.

The digital economy was the key topic of the Fourth edition of the China International Import Expo. It is estimated to be about $6 trillion which accounts for 38.6% percent of the GDP of China. According to the organisers of the event, the CIIE provides key insight from Chinese market and initiatives to the participants and helps them to acquire a better understanding of the national principles and aims of China. This is done through multiple forums and discussions in which exporters and importers can meet, exchange ideas and reach agreements.