/ Platform for Consolidation of Agricultural and Other Producers from China and CEE Countries – www.16plus1cloud.org


The 16Plus1Cloud is a digital online platform for the consolidation of products which complements the 17+1 E-Commerce Logistics Hub and Pavilion for Agricultural and Other Products – Bulgaria and the 17+1 E-Commerce Logistics Hub and Pavilion for Agricultural and Other Products – Yantian Port, Shenzen. It is a convenient platform for companies to list their products on and is our answer to the challenges of the 21st century.

The platform itself does not “trade” electronically but consolidates producers – it is a digital logistics hub for agricultural and other products from Central and Eastern Europe and China. With its integrated features, www.16plus1cloud.org enables each manufacturer to connect their own e-commerce platform to the cloud (high performance cloud platform) of APACCCEEC. This is the way for real business transactions – the real e-commerce between China and the CEE countries, something that has not been possible so far. Under the current regulations, in order for a Bulgarian or CEE company to sell its products through e-commerce in China, it had to open its own office there, register a company, and have its own bank account – everything needed to be legal entity within the meaning of Chinese law.

Through the www.16plus1cloud.org platform, manufacturers can now connect their e-shops to it, and its link to Chinese platforms makes it possible for the goods to be traded in China. In fact, via the APACCCEEC platform, the e-commerce trading platforms of China and the CEE countries are linked.

The digital logistics hub for agricultural and other products, such as www.16plus1cloud.org, enables not only real business transactions, but also provides exchange of certificates, contracts, and customs declarations, etc. For cross-border import of products for personal use the Chinese authorities require, the platform that trades the commodity in China, to be linked to their customs agency. When delivering products from CEE should be clearly stated whether consumers are related to customs and whether they respond to other Chinese regulations.

The platform provides manufacturers with direct access to Chinese consumers, thereby reducing the supply chain and enhancing the competitiveness of their products.