/ APAC is collecting samples of Bulgarian products for its “16+1” Pavilion in Ningbo, China


The Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation between China and the CEE Countries (APACCCEEC) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry of the Republic of Bulgaria opened its Liaison Office and 16+1 Pavilion in Ningbo at the end of 2018. It provides opportunities for Chinese import/export channels, distribution, retail and e-commerce channels to promote trade in agricultural and other products between China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Ningbo is a comprehensive testing area of ​​the “One Belt, One Road” Initiative in Zhejiang Province.

CEE producers from the 16+1 format are now able to send and display their products at the permanent exhibition area of the 16+ 1Pavilion of APACCCEEC. The Pavilion is located in the. Exporters and importers from Bulgaria and other CEE countries will be able to get acquainted with the eGTCP platform – an online website developed by Zhejiang Great Tao and Commerce Company Ltd. and to offer their goods to the Chinese consumer. Companies from Bulgaria and other CEE countries willing to explore the Chinese markets are given the opportunity to open their offices at China (Ningbo) – Central and Eastern European Countries Youth Innovation Center. Through periodic presentations, Chinese consumers will be able to directly get acquainted with the CEE merchandise. The cost of organizing, transporting and displaying the samples at the 16+1 Pavilion is at the expense of APACCCEEC.

The China (Ningbo) – Central and Eastern European Countries Youth Innovation Center is a 16+1 cooperation project, piloted by Prime Minister Li Keqiang, to build a 16+1 Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone in Ningbo. This Center deals with e-commerce, consulting and financial services, foreign trade, two-way investments between China and the CEE countries. Its establishment is financially and politically supported by the governments of Ningbo Municipality and the Jiangbei District. The Center is managed by Ningbo Jieou Business Management & Consulting Company Ltd. The China (Ningbo) – Central and Eastern European Countries Youth Innovation Center has preferential policies towards CEE companies, including the provision of free fixed-term office, tax breaks, financial support through start-up investments and eventual capital funding.