/ 16+1 Demonstration Center for E-Commerce opens at the Agricultural University


On February 21 is the opening of the 16+1 Demonstration Center for e-commerce with agricultural and other products at the Agricultural University in Plovdiv. It is the first demonstration center to promote young entrepreneurs initiated by the Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation between China and CEE Countries (APACCCEEC), Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry of Republic of Bulgaria. The Project creates conditions for young people from China and Central and Eastern European countries to develop e-commerce through the e-platform www.16plus1cloud.org, established in 2018 by APACCCEEC, to consolidate agricultural and other producers from China and the CEE countries. The platform is used as a digital warehouse of products.

To encourage young entrepreneurs to cooperate to make real business deals between them, young students from China and Central and Eastern European countries are expected to take part in the program. Each entrepreneur will be a seller in respect of the goods and services he offers in the country in which he is positioned and a buyer and trader in respect of the goods offered to him by the participants from the other 16 countries, part of the 16+1 Initiative. The aim is to increase profitability and promote bilateral relations – China and CEE, and multilateral cooperation – between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe themselves.