/ Handbooks 5 and 6 from the “Young Entrepreneurs” series are published by the Association


Handbook for E-Commerce Platforms in China in Bulgarian and English (book №5) and Handbook for Certification of Imported Bioproducts in China (book №6, available in Bulgarian) are the two new guides from the “Young Entrepreneurs” series. Under this general title, the Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation between China and the Central and Eastern European Countries (APACCCEEC) has developed, prepared for publication and distributes free of charge handbooks to help enterprising young people.

In № 5 (separate book bodies in Bulgarian and English) the collection presents in detail information about the requirements and processes for registration, types of shops and fees in the e-commerce platforms T-MAII (for branded products), 1688 (wholesale) , KAOLA (for companies from over 80 countries that want to sell goods in China), YIHAODIAN (“supermarket” mainly for food, offering the option of selling from consumer to consumer), RED BOOK (for lifestyle sharing), JD (for online and offline retail in China) and Taobao (the most popular, with nearly 500 million registered users), as well as an interesting report on the emergence and the development over the years of each platform. Valuable information is gathered on 80 pages, for the discovery of which those interested in the matter would spend a lot of time with a dubious result.

Handbook for Certification of Imported Bioproducts in China – conditions, definitions, validation applications, companies issuing permits (certification) and useful applications, arranged in tables, contains booklet № 6 of the “Young Entrepreneurs” series. The process for certification of bio-plant products, wild plants, bio-edible mushrooms, bio-aquatic products, bio-livestock and birds is presented in detail.

All handbooks in the series are based on research and the experience of APACCCEEC and aim to motivate and prepare young people and students in Bulgaria for international trade in the field of agriculture. The Association’s team again provides the necessary regulatory basis for trade with China.

At https://china2ceec.org/narychnici/ you can download Handbooks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The printed handbooks from the series can be found in our office at: 106, Vasil Levski Blvd., 1527 Sofia, Bulgaria.

Contact us at (+359) 2 843 1040 or email contact@china2ceec.org to send the books by courier to the address specified by you.