Protocols from meetings of the Consultative Board


The Meetings of the Consultative Board:

  • Are convened and presided over by the Director of the Association, who is Chairman of the Consultative Board and a member by right as well;
  • Are considered as regular if at least two thirds of its members are present at the same;
  • The Consultative Board shall act by a two-thirds majority of the members present;
  • For each meeting, the decisions shall be recorded in a minutes to be signed. If a member of the Advisory Board disagrees with a decision taken, he / she may express a particular opinion in writing, which shall be annexed to the minutes;
  • When necessary, by decision of the Chairman, the Consultative Board can hold meetings by means of a written procedure.
  • The Chairman shall send the matters under consideration to the members of the Consultative Board at least two weeks before the deadline for the statements. Each member of the Consultative Board shall express an opinion within the time limit set.